What is "scripmint.me"?

scripmint.me is an open platform for circular barter exchange. It gives you the concreteness of ordinary two-person barter along with the flexibility of being able to give to and receive from two different people. That is: you supply goods to customers who trust you, and you receive goods from partners whom you trust.

Why barter?

Barter can facilitate trade even when cash flow is tight. People are interested in trading products (goods and services) for other products even when they can not afford to buy the products with money.

Why circular?

Conventional two-way barter can only happen when there is a coincidence of wants: "A" wants what "B" has while at the same time B wants what A has. Circular barter allows for a lot more flexibility: A wants what B has; B probably wants what someone else has, and that person in turn probably wants what a fourth person has. Eventually it's likely that the chain will loop back on itself, so that a circular trade can be arranged:

An example circular trade

In a circular trade, you know exactly what you're going to receive and exactly what you're going to give. The products are not actually delivered at the same moment, but the deal is made in one instant: the agreement to deliver one product, and the agreement to receive another product. Where, when, and how the actual delivery of goods will happen depends on the concrete arrangements you make with each one of your partners. Remember, you should choose people you trust as your partners!

How does it work in practice?

Although, in theory, with scripmint.me the lack of money shouldn't be a problem at all, in reality, you often need certain products right away, so you can't wait for a circular deal to happen. In order to avoid needlessly spending your money, you should, in advance, collect delivery promises for sufficient amounts of these products that you are likely to need in the near future. That is: you buy a bulk of products which you, later on, receive in portions. If you do so, your partners will be committed to provide you with the goods and services you need, at the moment you need them.

But there is more!

  • You can make payments to other users, transferring to them products that you own.
  • You can sell back products that you have bought if you do not need them anymore.
  • You can send messages to your customers, as well as receive messages from your partners.
  • You can use scripmint.me/mobile/ even on very old phones (WAP 2.0).
  • You can start a local exchange trading system.